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Hey love! 

I'm Tinesha 

I knew from a young age that I was destined for a life of luxury. I would watch old black and white movies and imagine myself traveling to foreign lands, wearing fancy clothes, and eating exotic foods even though I was growing up in public housing. 

In 2000, I became a natural hairstylist. I NEVER thought I would be doing hair because I don't even like to do my own hair (which is why I keep a short haircut), but I have discovered that natural hair is a part of my divine plan.


A few years after opening my first brick-and-mortar salon in the early 2000s, I discovered the book "The Secret" and realized that I had been manifesting my whole life and had no consciousness around what I was doing. I was using the law of attraction, yet, I had no knowledge of the universal laws. Now, that I was exposed to this new idea, I was able to co-create my first award-winning, six-figure natural hair salon. Years later, I decided to sell my portion of the business because it no longer aligned.


I thought I wanted to leave the natural hair care industry but, a few years later, I ended up co-owning a second award-winning, six-figure natural hair salon with my best friend. In 2018, we decided to close the doors. This time, I was finally done with natural hair and decided to pursue coaching full-time. While coaching is also a part of my life path, in 2021, natural hair was once again tugging at my heartstrings. I missed connecting with clients, I missed teaching about natural hair, I missed creativity. So I decided to return to the natural hair care industry in 2022.

I knew deeply that the life I dreamed of as a little girl was waiting on me. I knew that what I desired was freedom. I also knew that: 

  • I was afraid of money and didn't feel like I deserved it

  • I was operating on a limiting belief system

  • I was using the law of attraction to attract what I DIDN'T want

  • I had proof that universal law worked

Basically, I KNEW that the life I was dreaming of was waiting for me but I was afraid to give myself permission to step into it. I told myself it wasn't about the money, but, it really was because, without it, I couldn't live the untethered life of luxury I dreamed of. 

So, guess what I did? I started over, AGAIN. This time, I began studying and applying universal law and subconscious programming on a really deep level to heal my money wounds and disrupt my limiting belief systems.


My coaching programs have taught women how to shift their subconscious programming and change their entire lives. They have had A-ha moments that have allowed them to move abroad, started new businesses, transition into C-level suite positions, and more, all while learning how to live a life of ease and joy using proven tools and techniques. 


Enrollment for 1:1 and group coaching is now open!